How GPS for a truck can be beneficial?

In all kinds of business and fleets, transportation has always proven to be a major key. Either we look today, or decades back, transportation is the major sector that fulfils the goals of other sectors in a fleet.  But is dealing with the transportation services easy?

We are pretty sure that This question must have disrupted a lot of fleet managers a million times. Since, transportation and movement of goods in large heavy trucks specifically, in really lengthy roads, and making sure they reach on time is a complete task in  itself! But it is truly not hidden on hoe revolutionary ways to ease down our lives, pop-up  each day. A similar boon to the truck transportation industry has been the variant features of GPS, or Global Positioning System, in the new era. Indeed, our readers may question, GPS is not new to their eyes. This revolutionary invention must have to everyone’s notice long back! Yes. It did. But little do a lot of people know, the various features of the Global Positioning System, that have evolved in the recent times. This blog, is all about changing a lot of ideas that have nested into a lot of peoples mind, regarding the features of GPS.  Now, we shall move on to the real treasure, the details of the attributes of the GPS on how and what it benefits to the truck transportation systems.


1.Insurance advantages: 

In today’s times, seeing the increasing cases of fraudulent scams, to gain insurance money, the Insurance companies mostly have made this a condition to have GPS installed in the trucks, in order to redeem benefits from the insurance. Thus, having a GPS system installed into the trucks used for transportation would make it easier in any case of mishaps to redeem the benefits and insurance money easily without a lot of hustle.


2. Reducing the cost at unnecessary sectors: 

before the installation of GPS,  the fleet managers often do not get a complete idea on where exactly does, a lot of money, including paying the petrol installation centres ;or the service centres; or the tolls, go. Since most of the information Like the routes used and fuel installation centres are chosen by the truck drivers, it is often a great chance that drivers provide the fleet managers with wrong information in order to self earn, a lot of times. But With the installation of  GPS trackers, it is undoubtedly easy, as information such as fuel installation centres, and which one of them provides cheaper fuel, and routes used etc. can be easily acknowledged directly to the fleet managers, who can thus reduce and cut down unnecessary cost efficiencies.


3. Know the location for a friendly customer service!

It was often observed, that due to the lack of location availability of the transportation trucks, the fleet managers would be left non-answerable to the customers. Now, with the use of amazing GPS trackers and fleet management software, the managers could be updated with every second to second update of the location, speed and other iqueryable parameters, but with a more easy way. No doubt GPS makes it easy for the fleet managers to update the other party to know about the ETA or Expected Time of Arrival so that they can regulate the rest of the things accordingly.

4. Safety for drivers

The upgraded GPS devices, won’t allow the drivers to drive when they are drunk or under alcohol consumption, more than it is safe for the same. This way it indeed proves to be helpful as it would not let the engine, of the vehicle start, thus the driver has to make sure to not to consume alcohol while driving, and this would definitely decrease the cases of accidents caused due to drink and drive.


5. Avoiding sleep while driving: 

Most of the transportation trucks work at night, and while driving in the night, accidents due to sleep of the drivers are the most common  stats on roads for them. Well, who knew, that truck GPS tracker would help with this issue as well! Yes it does. In this feature, if the installed system observes no movement by the driver, for a certain time limit, it would indicate the driver to pay attention, this would avoid high chances of sleep while driving.


Out of the ocean, this was just a drop. There are indeed numerous reasons on why one should use GPS systems on trucks without thinking. We hope that our readers would be glad to know about this.

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