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Gambling has been part of the Indian social fabric since ancient times. It played a crucial role in the epic Mahabharata, and so there is a stigma associated with gambling that exists even today. Even then, in recent years, we have seen a considerable uptick in the number of online gamblers from India. So this begs the question- Why is online betting getting so much popularity in India?

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Reasons for Popularity of Online Casinos

Law- Online casino sites can operate in India if the online casino is not functioning or situated in the country. Also, online casino betting is relatively new to India, so there are no laws explicitly banning it.

Affordable Internet- As more and more people can now afford internet services, the spillover effect can be seen in online gambling. In addition, more than 744 million Indians use their mobile devices to access the internet.

Variety of Games- Even a new online casino would have a much better collection of games than land casinos. Indian punters can play any game they like on a single site. Table games, online slots, video poker games, live dealer games- you name it, and more often than not, you will find these on a single online casino site.

Bonuses and other offers- Online casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses and other benefits to the players. For example, you can get casino bonuses like welcome bonuses, free spins, free bets, and much more with casino online betting.

Top Online Casino Games in India

India has started to make an impression in the online gambling industry, and so many gaming companies have begun to create or modify games according to Indian tastes. Some of the famous Indian casino games are discussed below:

Andar Bahar Its origins can be traced to South India. Initially, it was played using a deck of 52 unnumbered cards. In the current form, 78 cards are split into four suits. Because of the lack of regional constraints, Andar Bahar is gaining popularity among Indian online casinos.

Teen Patti- Bets are placed before the start of the game. Players who have seen their cards should gamble twice or four times their stake, whilst blind players must match or double the boot amount to stay in the game.

Indian Rummy- Indian Rummy is a popular form of actual rummy in India and throughout South Asia. It is a two-to-six-player game popular in the Indian subcontinent, with three varieties known as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy.

Jhandi Munda- It is a dice casino game popular in India. The game consists of six dice, each with six sides. Six distinct emblems are available. To win, you must anticipate how many of your chosen symbols will appear face-up.

World Famous Casino Games

In addition to the games aforementioned, some of the classical casino online games are also quite a rage amongst the Indian gamblers. Given below is a lowdown on some of the favouritegames played by the punters:-

Blackjack is a famous casino game between one or more players and a dealer. It is the most popular casino banking game globally, and it is also known as Twenty-One.

Roulette- Players have to choose a number or a combination of numbers. The ball is spun, and you win if it lands in the numbered pocket corresponding to your wager. If it doesn’t, you’re out. There are three kinds of roulette: European, French, and American.

Slots- It is a game that features spinning reels with symbols. You put a bet, and you win if the symbols line up. The symbols and reels of modern slot machines are programmed into the computer.

Payment Methods

Many live casino online sites are accepting Rupees as a legitimate currency in recent times. Moreover, many Indian payment methods and banking options are also accepted at these sites. Some of the most popular payment methods in India are given below:











Bank Transfer

Google Pay

Tips for investing in the right online casino

Before you invest your real money online, you need to know what incentives they provide to you. So before you start investing your money in any casino, make sure that they provide attractive bonuses, fair games, an immediate withdrawal, etc.

With the increasing activity at casino online sites, there has been a considerable increase in the reported cases of fraudulent activities at various online casinos. Therefore players must choose trustworthy casinos. The licenses can gauge the trustworthiness of any online casino it holds- the more, the merrier.


1. What should I do if I cannot withdraw my winnings?

You should contact the customer support of the casino. As most casino online sites have a 24/7 service, you can contact them anytime.

2. Can I bet on sporting events at casino online sites?

Yes, sports events are part of some of the casino online sites, and so you can bet on them.

3. Is casino online safe?

If you have chosen to invest in online gambling sites with good reviews and trustworthy licenses, then there is no need to worry about the online casino being unsafe


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