Overwatch 2- Heroes Changes

Since Overwatch is a huge excitement for every true gamer, it is absolutely normal for the gaming world to expect Overwatch 2. At the moment the beta version is on, the official release will be on June, 2nd. We already know what we will see in the game, so let’s take a look at the changes.

One of the most exciting changes is the new design of the heroes. Not only do the heroes have a fresher look now, but they also have greater detail than ever. But that’s not all! Overwatch 2 has a whole new hero to present!

Overwatch 2- global changes

Some global changes were made to all heroes and their abilities. Let’s start with the 10% (not much, but enough) faster movement speed that all damage heroes have now, which means that scoring kills for them will be easier than ever. The 30% knockback resistance and 50% less ultimate charge when damaged for all the tanks means that now it will be harder to forcibly move them around.

Furthermore, all support heroes are now healing 15 HP/second if they haven’t been damaged for 2 seconds, which gives them a great amount of self-sustain. In addition, all extra health that comes from abilities such as Lucio’s sound barrier, are considered Overhealth now, while they were considered as a secondary type of armor before.

Overwatch 2- Heroes changes


Even though the supportive guardian angel Mercy looks pretty much the same as before, she does have increased support passive healing by 50%, and the UI now shows the hero that is healing buffing.

Baptise has gone through some small changes as damage falloff range reduced from 25 to 20 meters, which now makes his ability to hit his enemies less potent. However, hiss Regenerative Brust healing and Biotic Launcher Alternate Fire healing were increased, which kind of compensates for this.

Bastion got a complete redesign in Overwatch 2. His passive ability was removed,  as same as the tank and self-repair. However, he is now more mobile than ever. He has also gotten a-36 Tactical Grenade, which does 130 damage and can easily bounce off walls and stick to enemies. Furthermore, Bastion now has the ability to transform into a tank and to fire while moving.

Brigitte also got some small changes as reduced cooldown to 5 seconds, distance traveled increased to 12 meters and knockback doubled. Furthermore, Shield Bash does not longer stun enemies.

Cassidy has gone through one significant change, and it is the removal of his Flashbang. It is replaced by a magnetic grenade, and even though it is powerful, the lack of stun makes Cassidy more vulnerable than before.

Doomfist is a character that got a complete redesign. He is not a damage character anymore, but a tank hero. His role now is to damage with Power Block, block the incoming damage, and open enemies to get damage from his allies. 

Of all characters, Orisa has gone through the most significant changes. We remember her as a bunker tank, but she is not an offense-oriented hero that can deal with enemies with ease. Her Halt!, Protective Barrier, and Supercharger Ultimate were removed, but her base armor and base health were increased. 

Orisa can now fight effectively with most of the heroes, but she will most likely have difficulties with the ‘tank buster’ ones and Zarya.

Reinhardt plays the same as before, but his base health and base armor were increased, the steadfast passive was replaced by global tank passive, and the charge steering turn rate was increased by 50%.

Even though Mei looks the same, her way of playing has gone through some changes. The Endothermic Blaster freeze stun was removed, the Ice Wall health was reduced to 250, and the Blizzard Ultimate cost was increased by 15%.

Solider : 76 got some changes that made him weaker and less oppressive than before. His Heavy Pulse Rifle was reduced, as his sprint movement speed. 

Sombra is a character that has gone through some significant changes as an assassin-style hero, than a team support one. She is now one of the most mobile characters. Furthermore, she does not have strong counters now, she can hack while in stealth and use a machine pistol, which makes her one of the most powerful Overwatch 2 Heroes.

Not every character got a great change, for example, Zarya has received only more shield uptime, Zenyatta has gotten extra survivability against flankers,  Reaper got nerfs to the shotguns he uses, and Mercy’s healing passive was increased. In the Overwatch 2, Lucio got a small buff added to his charge, and D.Va received increased health, and Ana got raised cooldown ability, and increased Biotic Riffle.

Overwatch 2 New Hero

At the moment, Overwatch 2 has only one new her- railgun-toting Damage hero Sojourn. However, we strongly believe that in future, Overwatch 2 will give us the chance to get to know many new heroes. For the moment, we should be happy with the great reworked cast.

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