Professional Scrum Master™ Training: Everything You Should Know

Professional Scrum Master™ Training: Everything You Should Know

Presently, several organizations in different industries are undergoing organizational change. These organizations are in the process of adapting their structure to the scrum framework. This means that employees working in such organizations have the chance to upgrade their resumes by doing different courses and training, online. The Professional Scrum Master™ training is one such wonderful opportunity for employees to upgrade their qualifications! 


Nature Of the Training

The duration of the Professional Scrum Master™ training is just 2 days. This training is highly interactive and activity-oriented. This means that if you sign up for this training, you will learn everything that you need to know about the roles and responsibilities of a scrum master and about professional scrum through different activities and exercises. 


The training is focused on helping students learn the various principles of the Agile framework and Scrum through several exercises and discussions. The mode of the training is not lecture-based. This 2-day training will allow you to interact with other students and provide ample opportunities for you to work collaboratively with other students to solve relevant problems and understand how scrum teams function. 


An important point to note about the duration of the training is that if you opt for online training, the duration wills be more than 2 days. However, if you opt for in-person training, it will take you 2 days to complete the training. 


Eligibility Criteria: Who Should Attend?

There is no particular eligibility criterion for people who are interested in this training. However, Professional Scrum Master™ training will be best suited to people who are working in organizations where they work in teams to solve complex issues. It is not mandatory that you work in a specific industry such as Information Technology to sign up for this training. 


  • If you’re interested to begin your career as a scrum master, consider this training.
  • If you’re an agile coach or scrum coach or a consultant or a scrum master and you wish to improve your application of scrum, this training is perfect for you. 
  • If you have a knack for product delivery through scrum principles and theories, this course is a fantastic option for you. 


Training Objectives

The 2-day activity-based training has some key objectives which have been listed as follows: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of the principles and the theoretical basis of empiricism and Scrum. 
  • How the Scrum framework is based on the aforementioned principles and theories. 
  • Understanding the complexity and uncertainty in product delivery. 
  • A clear understanding of the role of the scrum master as a leader in scrum teams. 
  • Importance of interpersonal skills as well as self-managing teams. 
  • Enable scrum teams to effectively deliver value to their organization. 
  • Traits, behavior shifts, and skills required to be a good scrum master.
  • Learn the meaning of Done and its importance in transparency. 
  • How to plan with Agility.

Certification Details 

After you successfully complete the Professional Scrum Master™ training, you will become eligible to become certified. To get certified, you have to give the PSM 1 examination. Once your training is over, you can give the examination within 14 days. You have to score 85% to pass the Professional Scrum Master™ 1 examination. The examination will consist of 80 questions which will be a mix of true/false statements, multiple answers, and multiple-choice questions. You’ll get an hour to finish the test. The level of difficulty of the examination is intermediate. The entire examination will be in English. 


Becoming a Professional Scrum Master™ opens you to a world of new employment prospects and opportunities. Scrum masters are in high demand. If you want to bag promotion and a generous salary hike, sign up for this training! 

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