Things to do near Devils Tower 

Things to do near Devils Tower 

Devils Tower is a geological phenomenon in northeast Wyoming, towering 1,267 feet above the Belle Fourche River. Incredible natural phenomenon attracts half a million visitors annually. As a result, Devil’s Tower became the first American National Monument in 1906. When you see the quiet serenity and majestic nature of the place, it won’t be hard to know why this is a sacred place for Native Americans. 

Devils Tower might have an infamous name, but it’s a place of happiness for rock climbers. Over 62,000 successful climbing enthusiasts and professionals left their signatures on location. The summit has varied flora with cactuses, various grass types, and wildflowers. Many animals left their marks on the summit, and the walls of the Tower have bear claws embedded. 

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What to do near Devils Tower?

The Park area has several hiking trails, and most visitors flock in the summer months when the weather is most favorable for outdoor activities in Wyoming. Red Beds Loop trail is a three-mile path covering the river valley and a wider circle around the Tower. Walk the Tower trail loops around the landmark in a 40-minute moderate walk. 

The closest towns to Devil Tower in Crook County are Hulett and Sundance. Both are small cities with historic houses and the feel of the Old West. One of the most famous outlaws of the 19th century west frontier Sundance Kid got his name in the Sundance.

Some 250 miles to the northwest, you can explore Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Montana. There are numerous hiking trails and a Bighorn Lake. Fort Laramie is to the south of Devils Tower, and you can learn about the famous US fort in the Prairies. 

Vore Buffalo is a unique place where Native American tribes hunted buffalos, driving them to the natural sinkhole from prehistoric times. Mount Rushmore is within hours of driving, and so is the site of the Little Bighorn battle between Lakota and Cheyennes Indians and US 7th Calvary in 1876. 

Restaurants near Devils Tower 

One of the closest restaurants to the National Monument is the American bar and steakhouse Devils Tower gulch, which offers various stakes, burgers, salads, and beers. It’s located in a wooden cabin with a family atmosphere and Old West vibe.

In the nearby Hulett, you can grab pizza, sandwiches, and similar lunch and dinner meals in R Deli. Affordable meals and a friendly atmosphere attracts many tourists pouring to the Devils Tower. 

Hulett is the location of Ponderosa café, with grill, Italian and American meals. In addition, you can find classic dishes and vegetarian options. 

Other notable places to eat near Devils tower include Cattle Kate’s Café, The Devils Tower Longhorn Café, Devil’s Tower Koa Restaurant, and Devils Tower View.

Devils Tower sunset 

National Monument in Wyoming is among the most picturesque landmarks in the US, and sunset photos of the Devils Tower are part of most stock photos collections. However, the best view of the incredible sunset over the towering rock is on the Joyner Ridge trail. The colors at sunset are unique, and you will be rewarded with stunning images. If you want to stay at night, the area is famous for stargazing. There is no light pollution, and you can look at the clear Wyoming sky full of stars.

Lodging near Devils Tower

The closest accommodation is in Devil’s Tower Lodge. A bead and breakfast place has 21 acres with pine forest and prairie landscape, bedrooms with tower view, and viewing decks. 

In the closest town, Hulett, there are few hotels. Best Western Devil’s Tower Inn is a rustic hotel located in a log cabin with numerous amenities, an indoor pool, and a whirlpool.  Hulett Motel has different types of rooms, air conditioning, and high-speed internet. It is some nine miles from the entrance to the park. 

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Bottom line

It’s not hard to see why Theodore Roosevelt made Devil’s Tower American National Monument. Unique rock formation stands tall over the river valley. A sacred place for Native Americans and a hotspot for tourists worldwide looks incredibly impressive at sunset. The monument is famous among rock climbers, and you can also see plenty of wildlife typical for prairie.

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