Simple Ways for a New Mother to Reduce Stress After Giving Birth


Feeling exhausted, irritable, and sad for no apparent reason after giving birth?  Maybe you experienced stress after giving birth.

The presence of a baby in the family is a happy moment for all family members. However, being busy caring for babies and completing house chores can indeed make mothers experience prolonged stress.

Taking care of a newborn is not an easy task because it can drain your physical and mental energy. Mothers who have just given birth are generally more prone to experiencing stress due to unstable hormone levels, lack of sleep, and physically unable to recover after delivery

How to Cope with Stress after Giving Birth

After giving birth, you certainly want everything to go perfectly according to the tips in the book.  However, the reality is not that easy. To ensure that this problem does not drag on and that you can provide the best care for your baby, keep on reading below to find out what are the best ways that you can do to overcome stress after giving birth.

1. Asking for help from relatives

Forcing yourself to do various things at once can make you feel overwhelmed and become stressed out. This is even more so after you just give birth. Where your body is too tired and still adjusting to the postpartum condition. Ensuring you have proper support during this time around is very important. Thus, don’t be shy or hesitate to ask your husband, family, or closest friends for help to make your work easier.

2. Take care of yourself

After giving birth, it’s not only the little one who needs the attention. As a mother, you will also need extra care and attention. Having a chance to do what you like, restful sleep, and consuming healthy food can keep you from stress. You can also reward yourself by shopping for your needs or your baby’s needs from an online shopping platform.

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3. Get closer to your partner

Do not let the busyness of taking care of the baby make your relationship with your partner sour. Working around this problem with a partner that can help you to relieve stress is important. Making out with your partner may feel difficult after having children. Even though it’s difficult, you should make time to spend quality time together, even just by watching TV. Get rid of the grievances that you may feel, by telling your partner that their support and help are very meaningful in carrying out the role of new parents.

4. Limit the number of guests to your house

Once a baby arrives, it seems like everyone wants to come to your house and it might be very tiring for you to accommodate the guests who come. It’s okay to limit the number of guests who visit each day. You, your partner, and your baby need quality time together, as well as a restful sleep that may be disturbed due to the guests coming. Prioritize all of your needs, and don’t hesitate to refuse home visits for friends, families, or colleagues.

5. Do relaxation techniques

Try practicing relaxation techniques at home when you’re feeling stressed or burnt out. When you feel anxious or panicked, try to take a deep breath and hold it for a moment while clenching your right fist tightly. Then, exhale while relaxing the fist.  You can repeat this technique several times. Even though it looks simple, this method can effectively help you to reduce the burden you might feel.

6. Talk with other mothers

Often stress comes from not understanding how to or raising children. For example, not knowing how to handle a crying baby, having trouble breastfeeding, or worrying too much when your baby shows unusual behavior. These new things can make you feel panicked, and thus you will feel stressed out as a result.

In order not to panic, arm yourself with various knowledge about how to take care of your baby properly. Educating yourself will make you feel at ease in navigating your way as a new mom. You can try to seek help from other mothers who have more experience than you, or even join the parent community thus you can share stories and exchange knowledge with other mothers. Connections that are built can become a support system in carrying out your new role as a mother.

New challenges that must be faced when you just give birth can indeed trigger stress. However, by doing these tips above, hopefully it can help you as a new mom to deal with the stress of taking care of newborns. Stress can accumulate and continue into baby blues syndrome or even postpartum depression, which is why it is incredibly important to consider de-stressing techniques and practices after giving birth.

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