Workplace Accident Cases: Why a Lawyer is Essential

An injury while on the job can be a daunting situation. Unfortunately, employees statistically struggle with holding their employers accountable for their workplace injuries, and many of these injuries go unreported, leaving the hurt employee with much to ponder over. It is a common misconception that employees can only report injuries when it is clear that the employer is at fault. In reality, any workplace injury needs to be evaluated, especially when there are medical bills or time taken off of work. The fear that an employer may be upset or try to argue circumstances is a real motivator for people who do not want to make waves or cause problems for their supervisors. Nevertheless, employers are always responsible for their employee’s injuries while on the job, and a lawyer is essential to get the deserved compensation.

Isn’t Calling a Lawyer a Bit Extreme?

The thought of jumping onto a call with a lawyer may seem excessive for a minor injury but free consultations are often quick and provide a greater understanding of whether legal assistance may be necessary. Lawyers aren’t keen on taking on compensation cases with minor payouts and would be quick to steer interested parties in the right direction. The key benefits to bringing on a lawyer for a work injury are to provide peace of mind, inform people of their rights, and help negotiate better settlement offers from more difficult employers. It may seem like a big step, but it is necessary to protect employee rights. 

The Fear of Repercussions

The fear of reporting injuries leaves employees thinking about being doled out a multitude of punishments such as a demotion/ salary reduction, poor treatment, loss of hours, or worse, termination. Injured workers fail to realize that employer retaliation in these instances is in-arguably illegal. In these instances, retaliations warrant cases for workplace harassment, which violates the employee’s rights. It is the right of the hurt employee to file for compensation, and it is the right of the worker to demand fair treatment in the wake of that injury. Workers’ compensation lawyers ensure fair treatment through this process, providing protection and allowing employees to set proper boundaries with their employers. 

The Most Important Thing

When facing an injury, medical bills, and potentially time out of work, the last thing anyone should be concerned with is how their boss will react, or if they will lose their job. When people should focus on their recovery and getting their life back to normal, having a workplace injury can cause mental and emotional distress. It is crucial to ensure no extra stress comes from your employer or loss of income. A workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure their clients face little distress from the workplace during this time and will allow more time to focus on what’s most important, getting better!

Moving Forward Safely

When coping with a workplace injury contact a professional workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. Do not fear the repercussions, or heavy upfront costs, and do not allow stress to slow a necessary recovery. A lawyer is essential in providing the solace needed to get through the stress and trauma of a workplace injury and should be at the top of the list of things to do quickly. The focus should be on getting better, and most importantly, getting the full compensation that is deserved

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