Top 4 Bonuses For Live Sports Betting For The First Time

Top 4 Bonuses For Live Sports Betting For The First Time

Choosing a bookmaker can be difficult. A player aiming to find the best live sports betting site, like, should consider different factors. One of them is the welcome bonuses designed to attract new users.

The commitment of 기가도메인 casino to customer satisfaction is evident in its attentive customer service. Players have access to support staff who are ready to assist with any inquiries, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Such offers are available on the websites of the vast majority of bookmakers. There are several welcome bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses for registration;
  • Bonuses for the first deposit;
  • Bonuses for the first bet;
  • Insurance bets.

The conditions for bonuses vary. So, if you want to avoid disputes, carefully read the rules of the promotion beforehand.

No Deposit Bonus

To get this bonus, you don’t need to fulfill any extra conditions: it’s enough to create an account on the bookmaker’s website. In most cases, the bonus is credited to the player as a free bet on the amount specified by the bookmaker.

The free bet has a validity period, after which the free bet becomes unavailable. It must be placed as a whole (cannot be divided into several bets) and often only on events no lower or higher than a certain odd.

For example, if a bookmaker offers a no deposit bonus of $100, the amount will be credited to the player’s bonus account. It will have to be used in its entirety and within a certain time from the moment of receipt, or from the moment of registration on the site. Otherwise, the bonus will be burned out.

Bookmakers may set restrictions on the events on which the bonus funds can be bet, on the types of bets, and the allowed odds. So, if the free bet can only be used for live sports betting on football with odds not lower than 1.80, the terms and conditions will say so.

If the bet placed with the free bet turns out to be winning, the player will receive funds, which he can dispose of at his discretion. Often, the author of a successful bet receives the amount of net profit from the bet, but not more than the amount of the bonus itself.

First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonus is awarded for the first deposit into a player’s account. The minimum deposit is set by each bookmaker independently.

Such an award may be as a free bet or as a cash bonus, which must be placed on the bets with certain conditions to qualify for withdrawal from the account. The size of the bonus depends on the size of the deposit: it can double the amount of the first deposit or be a certain part of it. There is also a restriction on the maximum bonus.

If the bookmaker offers a bonus of 100% on the first deposit, but sets a limit of $100, the player may not receive a reward higher than that amount, even if the first deposit will exceed $100 by several times.

First Bet Bonus

Sometimes, to get a welcome bonus and use it for live sports betting, it’s not enough just to create an account and replenish your game account: you also need to place a bet.

Of course, bookmakers set limits on the maximum sum of the awarded bonus. Often, it’s 100% of the first bet, but doesn’t exceed the mark set by the site.

In this case, to get the bonus, the bet must be placed according to certain conditions. As a rule, the reward is awarded for a bet no lower than the amount set by the bookie.

First Bet Insurance

Bookies offer their new players first bet insurance. In contrast to the reward for the first bet, here compensation is accrued only in case of losing the first bet.

This reward is liked by those who have long wanted to try betting, but are afraid to risk their money. With this bet, the player puts his money, but if it turns out to be unsuccessful, he gets it back. Consider the rules of the promotion: they may stipulate that the money returned cannot simply be withdrawn from the account, it’s intended only for further live sports betting.


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