Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Fax Solution

Cost reduction, efficiency, and security are just a few reasons why companies of all sizes are moving toward cloud fax solutions. Approximately half of all organizations use fax daily, which is quite surprising for a technology that’s far into its golden years. Here, we will discuss the most significant benefits of cloud fax for businesses.

Securing Information Exchanges

Conventional fax technology does little to protect sensitive information. There’s no way to create separate user accounts, so it’s impossible to determine a sender’s identity. Cloud faxing via mFax keeps information confidential while integrating with CRMs, ERPs, and other third-party apps. When inbound cloud faxes are routed to specific locations, much like network and email shares, it’s much harder for unauthorized users to gain access.

Making Communications Faster

When managers and owners need signatures on invoices, orders, and other documents, nothing is as fast as fax. Cloud faxing makes business communications as easy as sending a text message, with the added benefits of legal recognition and security.

Minimizing Errors

While print communications are clearer than the spoken word in many cases, they can suffer the ill effects of a poorly maintained, outdated fax machine. Cloud faxing reduces the potential for mistakes and delivers well-defined, easy-to-read documents.

Satisfied Customers

Simple, clear communication is essential in the business world, and it makes all other processes that much more efficient. Online faxing reduces friction between businesses, vendors, and customers, strengthening relationships and increasing retention.

A Shrinking Carbon Footprint

Conventional fax machines print all incoming transmissions, even spam—which creates a great deal of waste. Faxes use billions of pieces of paper each year, but cloud faxing routes these transmissions directly to a recipient’s email. With it, there’s no need to print a document unless physical copies are required.

Reducing Risk and Ensuring Compliance

GDPR, SOX, and HIPAA are industry regulations that can seriously affect a business’ profits when not followed. To remain compliant, an organization must exchange documents in a secure, certified way. With cloud faxing, companies can send, receive, and archive sensitive information in minutes. Contact us today to learn how cloud faxing can assist with regulatory compliance.

Getting New Services and Products to Market

In the healthcare, finance, and military sectors, some actions must be approved by at least two people. Furthermore, various data management procedures require that crucial updates receive similar treatment. Cloud fax allows businesses to follow the ‘four eyes’ doctrine, streamlining the approval process and getting new offerings to customers sooner.

Saving Time

With conventional faxing, users must wait for delivery and printing. Cloud faxing, however, allows them to receive and send faxes with just a few mouse clicks. Online fax can be scaled to an unlimited number of devices and users, providing consistent, secure access.

Allowing for a Greater Focus on Core Competencies

When workers spend all their time solving problems, they lose valuable time that could be spent in other areas. Cloud fax is about maximizing resources, increasing productivity, and freeing organizations to focus on vital functions.

Get Started

Cost reductions, efficiency, and security are some of the biggest benefits of cloud faxing. This full-range technology can be leveraged by small- to medium-size businesses, as well as multinational organizations. If you’d like to learn more about these advantages, get in touch with our team today


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