Top 5 Different Options For Employee Custom Awards In 2021

Are you searching for the best types of employee custom awards for your employees in your organization? If yes, various kinds of awards are available in the global market to help you end your search for the best trophies of your choice. You must try to give those types of custom trophies to your employees that they can remember in their lifetime.

You must aim to provide that kind of trophy to your employees to help them achieve your goals in the right direction. You need to make a proper analysis of the plans properly to help you achieve your objectives in a better way at the right time. There are different kinds of thoughtful employee recognition awards you can chalk out for giving it to your best employees.

Different Types Of Custom Employee Awards For Your Business 

Several kinds of custom employee awards are available in the market to help you achieve your goals better. You need to plan out the ways that can help you achieve your objectives in a better way.

1. Custom Sculpture Award 

The Custom sculpture awards have the most delicate designs for employee recognition awards that most corporate houses currently use. The custom award trophy can help you get the best combination of the style, size, and finishes that look very attractive and catchy.

The sculpture trophies are made of bronze and pewter and can provide you with the glossy finish and look you can expect. The best thing about these trophies is that they have a long shelf life and cannot get broken easily.

2. Custom Fabricated Awards 

Custom fabricated trophies or awards are not created using the casting process like that of the sculpture awards. Most of these trophies are handmade and have a shorter life span. These types of trophies are created from various materials like wood, metal, glass, and plastics.

The best things about these trophies are they have unique shapes and sizes. Each award varies in its prices depending on the materials that are used in them. It is because they are pretty affordable for the buyers.

3. Custom Medallions    

You need to specify your requirements to the maker of these trophies as per that they will create these trophies for your organization’s employees. The material used in these kinds of awards is mostly bronze, and you can get the best-in-class awards of your choice.

Select the best type of trophies that can help you to fulfill your requirements as per your need. Ensure that the quality of the materials must be correct. Medallions have a long-lasting life.

4. Custom Crystal Awards 

Crystal awards have the shortest lead time as they are entirely made up of crystal substances and can be of different shapes and sizes. They are available in the market in the form of 2D and 3D shapes. All the shapes and sizes of these trophies will be created as per your said specifications.

These types of trophies are made up of a complete geometric block of crystals where you can engrave the name of your employees who have performed well over the years for your organization to the best of their abilities.

5. Custom Acrylic Awards 

The Acrylic awards are the best in the class awards as they are the most economical trophies that you can buy for your employees. An essential aspect of this award is that it motivates the employees to help you achieve your organizational goals effectively.

These awards are a combination of wood and metal that can provide your trophy a long-lastingness and larger life span as per your requirements. Select the best award type that can build a strong memory for the employees of your organization.

6. Custom Challenge Coins

Completing an excellent project is as good an incentive as any to customize a keepsake. Certainly, jobs well completed in the business world provide excellent rewards. They will satisfy coworkers, exchange authority, and get alongside each other as teams.

customized coins are a great way to recognize employees for their hard work and dedication. They can also be used as a form of recognition for special occasions or events. This is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them and want them to stay motivated.


Hence, these are some of the best custom trophies that can help you achieve your goals better. You can present these trophies to your organization’s best employees to create a positive work culture in your organization. Ensure that you do not miss out on any scope while using these trophies to honor the best performer of your organization. Select the best trophy type that can make your memory with the employees last longer.

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