What is artificial disc replacement?

What is artificial disc replacement?

A metal or plastic intervertebral disc is used to repair a degenerative disc that causes chronic back pain. If non-surgical procedures have failed for at least six months, artificial disc replacement is performed. The procedure restores mobility in a small section of the vertebral column, allowing the higher portion of the vertebral column to function without pain. In postoperative care, individuals with knee problems can benefit from additional support using orthopedic accessories like knee braces. For those interested, they can order Donjoy knee braces.


The artificial disc – The infected disc is replaced with an artificial disc. It consists of a moving core with two metal end plates on either side. Medical-grade cobalt-chromium alloy can be used to make these end plates. A medical-grade plastic is used to make the sliding core.


What is the Procedure for Disc Replacement Surgery?


  • An incision is made in the abdomen of the patient.
  • The abdominal organs are strategically placed on one side of the abdomen, allowing the front part of the spine to be seen.
  • A large portion of the degenerated disc’s core is removed.
  • The surgeon then spreads the spine bones to make more space.
  • A surgical microscope is used to extract any diseased disc material.
  • The artificial disc is then inserted into the disc space using a fluoroscope to restore the disc space to its original state.
  • The fluoroscope allows the surgeon to see an x-ray image of the replacement when operating.
  • The surgical technique is more precise and safer because the surgeon can see the implant when it is implanted using a fluoroscope.
  • The bones eventually develop around the metal disc, becoming stable and heavy.


Top hospitals for disc replacement in Singapore


The majority of Singapore’s hospitals are managed by the government, while only a few are owned privately. Singapore was ranked sixth among the world’s best health systems in a list compiled by the World Health Organization in the year 2000. Bloomberg ranked Singapore first in the world for having the most effective healthcare system in 2014. 

JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation is provided to Singapore’s top hospitals, indicating that they have high-quality medical care. The hospitals in Singapore are backed by state-of-infrastructure, world-class orthopedic surgeons, and best medical practices. Not to mention, Singapore’s blood bank supply is known as one of the best in the world. As a result, it’s easy to see why Singapore is one of the best places in the world for medical tourism.


Some of the top hospitals for disc replacement in Singapore are:

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Parkway East Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital

Farrer Park Hospital


Cost of disc replacement in Singapore


Several factors can influence the final cost of artificial disc replacement in Singapore, including:

  • Type of treatment
  • Area of treatment
  • Experience of doctor
  • Type of hospital
  • Location of hospital
  • Reputation of hospital
  • Medical history


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