What travelers to Malta should know?

What travelers to Malta should know?

Malta is something more than an archipelago. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is truly a hidden gem. Although it is a highly populated country, you can find several photogenic cities. The winter is sunny, and the temperature does not drop below zero degrees Centigrade. Moreover, the tranquil beaches and turquoise lagoons keep foreigners traveling to Malta multiple times. However, before enjoying your vacation in Malta, you have to know some interesting facts about this country, 

The Maltese festival- The best time for celebration

You may not have traveled to Malta for a hiking holiday. It is better to visit this country before the end of the hot summer season. You will the colorful and charming village festival. In every village, there is a patron saint to arrange the festival. The feast can continue for a week. The local cuisine and fireworks will create a festive mood. Villages, where you can see these fireworks are Żurrieq, Qrendi, and Mqabba.

The bathing waters are cleanest in the EU 

Due to the proper sewage treatment systems, there are clean bathing waters. Large hotels are present near beaches. Thus, during the summer season, the beach gets crowded. To enjoy a gateway in a beach, you can reach Gozo. The big bounders have created a shade. However, you will not find modern amenities in that place. You have to get there on foot.

Malta provides you with divine cuisine

Malta is known for its unique cuisine. While traveling to Valletta, you can try out a snack, like Pastizzi. (ricotta filled filo-pastry). You can pair it with a soft drink, Kinnie. The drink contains oranges, spices, and herbs. In your dinner menu, you may add a rabbit cooked with wine and onions. Still, when your tummy is hungry, you can buy fig cakes. It is a tasty sweet snack available on street corner.

The Blue Lagoon and the Comino Island

The small beautiful island covers 3.5 km and has different species of birds. You must not miss the natural reserve of the island. Moreover, there are sheer cliffs and rugged coastline. Once, smugglers and pirates settled in this region. However, now, tourists enjoy the striking views.


Several empires ruled Malta

Look back at the history of Malta. You will find the reign of several empires, like Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Normans, British, and Aragonites.

Do not choose the white taxis

After reaching the airport, you can find several white cabs. However, they are costly for you. The drivers may not be friendly. The best option for you is to book cabs online. You can choose buses as the cheaper alternatives.

Malta is gambling-friendly

As a traveler in Malta, you can find several casino houses. The administrative authority has set gambling-friendly policies. You may also find dozens online casinos that were licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. Those stand out with their transparency and fairness and if you are interested you can check Casinomech website in order to find the list of MGA licensed gambling sites.

These are interesting facts related to Malta. You can try to learn more when visit the country.

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