3 Big Benefits of Stocks (Owning and Investing)

The current stock market will likely grow in the coming years due to the reopening economies. Despite the growth, you might not find stocks worthy of your time.

However, it’s too early to dismiss the benefits of stocks. Do you want to know how owning and trading stocks diversify your portfolio? Read on to learn some critical stock market tips.

How to Trade Stocks

Before we discuss the benefits of owning stocks, you must have a basic understanding of how to buy and trade them.

The most common way to buy or sell stocks is through an online brokerage service. Check out monexsecurities.com.au for a way to invest in the Australian or other stock markets.

An online brokerage allows you to open a trading account. From here, you can make various investment decisions based on your knowledge.

Online brokerages have lower costs due to the lack of assistance. The fees often start at around $20.

Meanwhile, full-service brokers do the trading in your stead. They can give stock market tips on what to buy or sell. They offer informed recommendations while disclosing their interests in it.

These companies get a percentage of the trade value as their fees. The rate is lower for more costly transactions.

  1. Claim on Assets

If you hold stocks, you become a company shareholder. It means you have a claim on business assets. However, it only applies during the enterprise’s liquidation process.

When liquidation happens, the process counts the company’s assets and liabilities. After paying the creditors, you and other shareholders can claim the remaining assets.

However, the only drawback is its higher level of risk than debt. Creditors get payments before equity holders. If no assets remain after paying off the debt, you’ll get nothing.

  1. Dividends and Capital Gains

As a stockholder, you will also get earnings from dividends. The business decides the amount they can pay in any given period. However, it can also choose not to give anything due to business expansion.

Most companies opt for quarterly or yearly dividend payments. Invest in stocks with the best schedule for your needs. Regardless, you’ll enjoy some capital gains as the stock price appreciates.

  1. Power to Vote

Another great feature of buying stocks is your entitlement for voting on management changes. It allows you to protect your investments from mismanagement and other corporate issues.

The company’s executive board holds annual meetings to discuss its performance. You can discover operational plans and other management decisions.

Sometimes, investors and stockholders disagree with how the company currently performs. When you own stocks, you have a say on how the company manages its business strategy.

The best part is you have limited ownership of the company. If the company gets bankrupt, you won’t be liable for the loss.

Learn More Benefits of Stocks Now

These aren’t the only benefits of stocks. Owning and trading them carry various other advantages for enriching your portfolio. Regardless, learn more investment strategies to avoid losing your funds.

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